Saturday, April 5, 2008

Chippewa thoughts.....

I was reading through some running blogs of folks who are running the Chippewa and it had me thinking what am I doing. These guys are talking about running it in 4 hrs+ and what order they think they will finish in.

I am sitting here thinking why am I doing this? I have no business running with these guys. I am under-trained, overweight, still working through an injury then it occurred to me I am not running with them. I am running with me. I run for enjoyment and what better way to spend a Saturday then meandering through the woods for 6. 7 or 8 hours. I will set a PR regardless of my time and my goal is to finish and then next year improve.

It's like before one of my marathons, I was talking with a guy like them about how much faster he was and how he must think folks like me are a joke. His initial response was I can't imagine being out there as long you are, I have it easy I run for 2 and 1/2 hours and am done, you run for 4, 5 hours or longer. If I am injured or not right that day I drop out, you run through it and just go slower. His response was interesting, he then asked do you run as hard as you can for the distance? I said no but yes as usually I couldn't go much farther and he said exactly. The battle is within, the time reflects training and your running aptitude (weight, genetics, etc....). He went on and said never discount or downplay yourself, running is personal issue and the time merely reflects where you were that day not who you are or where you will be tomorrow. Some very good advice.

Another runner once said during a marathon when I lamented my slow pace that day, dude, we get to work on our tan and we get to be on the course longer, I think that qualifies as more event for our money.

Anyway, Chippewa is a week away, I am doing it and I will have a blast..............

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