Tuesday, April 15, 2008

CM 50k first run after and few random thoughts?

I decided it was time to try out the legs, feet and mind and see how they held up after Chippewa. I headed over to Lebanon Hills after work hoping the trails would be clear as I didn't really want to see snow, I do so hate snow. Well, the trails are muddy in places, with just a bit of remaining snow and are mostly ready for some fast trail running but that would need to come on another day.

I was expecting to have some very distinct pain, like that post marathon first run, where every step hurts for the first 1/2 mile or so. To my surprise, no real pain. Yes, my legs seemed dead, my feet felt ok, my two toes will eventually heal, my knees were ok most of the time, my hip seemed ok, I think I fared quite well.

I roamed a bit with no real plan other than to log some miles. I did allow myself to walk a few hills (that was for my toes and my legs) which of course made me think that it wasn't a good recovery run. I guess I wasn't into it today, maybe it's a post 50k blues thing, or maybe it's just my legs are dead, or maybe I just wimped out.

Then I thought, the snow is almost gone, say hallelujah, now as long as we stay warm, I can have 6 or 8 months of normal trail running. Then again, the mosquitoes will be out soon, actually in Lebanon, it's the horse flies that bug me or do they help me run fast? What if the summer is hot, will I wish for cold? Ok, probably not.

So with the recovery run thing underway, I can now think about ramping up for Fargo and then planning out the rest of the summer runs. I need to add something in June and July. Do I want to add a June marathon? I am already leaning to try the 50k at Afton, but I am afraid it will be extremely hot. I can think of nothing crueler than Chippewa in the snow and Afton in the 90's. I guess if I do, then I would have the spectrum covered for weather and I haven't thrown up from heat related issues lately, so maybe I should. I do like running in Afton. Then, I have the two western marathons in August with nothing firm for September and October.

There is the Superior Trail 50, I think if I did that I would consider myself an "ultrarunner". Somehow a 50k just doesn't seem long enough to deserve the moniker of an "ultrarunner".

My last random thought concerns my goal of 50 states by the time I am 60. I really enjoyed Chippewa, would I rather focus on trail runs of greater distance? I think I just might, it would be easier logistically, it wouldn't preclude the 50 states, what to do?


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