Saturday, April 26, 2008

Minnesota weather - Afton 50k commitment

Days like this would have normally really gotten to me but since I discovered the wonders of trail running I can almost take them in stride.

I just got back from a 6+ mile run in Lebanon Hills - a blessing for us south metro dwellers , suffice to say that the weather was not quite optimal:

Temp - 33F
Wind - 30mph West
Wind chill - cold
Snow showers

It is the end of April, it shouldn't be this cold and there shouldn't be snow flurries but it is the wind I hate.

Which is why it was ok, when you run tree lined trails, they do an amazing job of breaking the wind. The trail was muddy but not terrible.

Enough about the weather, I am trying to map out the rest of the runs for the year. I signed up for the Afton 50K, it is a double loop course in Afton State Park, the major issue is not the course (it isn't easy - see elevation map below - downloaded from the race website) but the weather. How hot will it be?
I did the 25k back in 2005 and it was my first exposure to the ultra crowd. It was my second trail experience as I had done the Trail Mix that year also, but the Trail Mix seemed more like a normal run outside of the course was on trails. Afton was different, the food, the atmosphere, the runners, everything. To be honest, I was hooked, but I was and still am intimidated by the ultra community. Actually I am intimidated by the running community in general as I still don't consider myself a runner. Runners are those skinny fast folks but after Chippewa, I am starting to think that this is the group I belong with. I love to run the trails and I am intrigued at going longer distances and the ultra folks I have met made me feel like I belong.

The only problem I have is, do I focus on trail events or my 50 state quest? My wife said it best do both. So now I am eying a 50 miler in the fall, it may make the 50 by 60 a bit more problematic. I just need to remember that I run for my enjoyment. I race for motivation to train.

I think I can do a 50, maybe a 100k but no way am I thinking I can do a 100 miler of course I once said the same thing about a marathon.

Happy trails..............

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