Sunday, April 6, 2008

Running Podcasts and me?

Since I got a Nano last summer I have become a podcasting fool. I hardly listen to the radio anymore. I just listen to podcasts on running, finance, religion, computers and a few other subjects.

Well, in listening to the running podcasts, many of them ask for input or comments for their shows. Lately, I have gotten over my isolationist attitude and started making comments on the podcasts blogs. I think it was spurred a bit by Steve Runner's announcement that he was cutting back on his Phedippidations podcast. I have listened to everyone of his podcasts, actually I think I did so in a couple of weeks. He provides great information and many of his podcasts sure sound like he might be talking about me. He is not alone in developing some very good running podcasts, check out Nigel's great website - - where you can find all of them listed. I listen to and enjoy every one of them.

What's that got to do with this blog, well I was listening to the Running with the Pack podcast and Allan or Jeff made a comment about tights and using body glide and about the Flying Pig. I decided to post a comment on glide and the pig and to say thank you for their podcast and added a comment about me doing 50 states (if you haven't listened take a listen it's worth it). Well, to my surprise, Allan came back and said that they might want to interview me for their podcast at some point. I posted back sure, be happy to. Of course thinking to myself, no way. Allan was just being nice. They aren't desperate enough to talk to me, I have done nothing worth being interviewed about.

On Friday, Allan dropped me an email that said Jeff would be out of town and would I agree to be interviewed over the weekend. I of course agreed and we talked on Sunday afternoon. If anyone listens, I hope I don't sound like a complete fool as I was nervous. I still can't imagine being on a podcast especially about my running. I am nothing but an old guy plodding my way through a few races whose best running trait is stubbornness. After it was over, I decided it was a lot of fun and I definitely owe Allan a thank you for including me and that I do like to talk about running.

I did leave out a great comment from my daughter about me doing the Chippewa. I asked her what she thought about me doing a 50k. she said, “Dad, I have seen you after a marathon and it isn't good” with that endorsement we head to my first 50k. Her words will be proven to be right, I won't look good but I will feel great.


Allan said...

Hey Mike. It was a pleasure to have you on the show. It's funny that you didn't think you'd have a lot of interesting things to say, but your blog is a goldmine of experience and perspective and I enjoyed our talk. You're not an elite runner, but neither am I -- and I think we're doing each other a favor by sharing what we learn, keeping each other company, and encouraging other people to give running a try.

I'm looking forward to your blog post about the 50K!

mwrunfar said...


It was a delight to talk running with you. I agree with the sharing aspect of talking running, I have learned more from other runners than about anywhere else. If you ever want me to join you again I would be happy too.

The weather for the 50k is slated for mid 30's, chance of snow/rain. Wynn Davis posted that the course is muddy on the south facing, snowpacked on the north. Should be fun.


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