Sunday, November 16, 2008

Back running again?

Last week I said I was committed and motivated to run, commitment and motivation are funny things and for me unfortunately they aren't always enough.

I was thinking after my run last Saturday that I was ready to commit to a training program that would lead me to my first 50 miler. The commitment ended the next day when my foot hurt too much to run. I went ahead and did the research on the injury and I am fairly certain that it is a similar injury to what I had back in 99 which was a tendon issue, the pain is on the longitudinal arch area at the point where it connects behind the big toe. I figured a few days off were appropriate and besides I had the answer to my foot dilemma, it's the solution I always use, get new shoes. When that doesn't work, then I might go to a Doctor but I have found that new shoes and ICE (Ice, Compression and Elevation - I don't like to do the Rest part and some Doctors seem to always start there, actually I am not that good on the Ice part either, oh well). So Sunday morning, after looking at them for months, I ordered a pair of Montrail Continental Divides from BackCountry Outlet (with a 40% off coupon from CouponCabin, I am glad Karyn taught me to look for on-line coupons) for $62.97 with free shipping. I would prefer to buy shoes at my local running stores but with trail shoes I just haven't been able to find any that seem right and most of the running stores don't have a lot of selection.

I ran on Thursday in my Mercury's and the foot was still sore during the run and sorer the next day but on Friday my shoes arrived. So Saturday Karyn and I went for a run along the river bottom, the Continental Divide's seemed a bit stiff but they definitely seemed to cradle the sore arch and I had a relatively normal run. So feeling cocky, I ran today in Lebanon Hills, I was feeling good as well, I was able to climb hills without much pain. The foot is sore but I am hopeful that the shoes will offer some protection, otherwise I will have to get in but the last time I went in for this, I had to take weeks off so I am thinking that shoes, ice, massage and being careful will take care of it. Yes, I should rest it as much as I can but I have run through injuries for years and will probably continue to do so. I am not sure why but it is my nature. Steve had a recent post concerning running through injuries and I saw myself - here is the section that caught my attention:

When shouldn't you run on an injury?

If the pain gets worse the further you go, you shouldn't be running. If the injury makes you change your gait, you shouldn't run. If you start getting other injuries because you're babying the injury, you shouldn't run. If you have a fever of 102 or more, you shouldn't run.

After reading it again, I realized I am ok, I have never run with a fever of 102.

Yes, running through injuries have allowed me to become slower but I still love running and minor injuries are normal. So now that I know I am ok to continue to train, I figured I should get back to planning races so I went back and scoped out McNaughton, I saw the registration link on the left side, not sure how I missed it before and I now have a timeline. I need to sign-up for McNaughton by December 31st to avoid another increase in fees.

So I am back to thinking I am heading to my first 50 at McNaughton, so the goal will be to develop a workout/diet routine that helps me lose weight, gain strength, train and become injury free by year end, I love simple goals..............

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SteveQ said...

I once finished a hard run when having the flu and was hallucinating seeing giraffes. My temp was 106. I almost died - interestingly, giraffes are the least threatening animal you can hallucinate - it just isn't worth it.

I'm forced to follow my own recommendations. No running for me for a while, though it's driving me batty.


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