Saturday, November 15, 2008

Overdue Concert Review

A few weeks back, ok it was actually a month, since it was October 18th, my wife and I attended a concert to see my favorite female singer - Martina McBride.

My girls had given us tickets to attend as my birthday present, what a great gift. She was playing at Treasure Island Casino in Red Wing, Minnesota, we had never been to Treasure Island or in any casinos in Minnesota, suffice to say it was an interesting experience. I wasn't sure what to expect for the venue but I knew it was smaller, the acoustics were good the seating was ok, not quite what I expected - fold up chairs and bleachers. It turned out it was her last stop on her tour and she was great as always. If you have never heard her sing, she has a phenomenal voice (or at least I think she does). She sang for a couple of hours and got through a lot of her songs but left a few off, she did go off her normal play list once and then forgot the words, it was a funny moment. I have never seen that happen before and she handled it quite well. She also sang her new song "Ride" which I just stumbled upon on YouTube which is what prompted me to figure out how to post a video from YouTube as it was recorded at the Treasure Island concert. Enjoy.

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