Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Retrospective: Marathons of 1995


Wow, 1995 is a long time back. It was going to be my year, no doubt about it I was going sub 4 this year. I was focused at running my fastest Grandma's ever.

My first race of the year was the Winter Carnival, I had an ok day a 1:54:50 1/2 marathon which I was happy with, why, well first off my calf had held together, second I ran an even split race. I had always wondered what that was like. I then ran the St. Pat's 8k in 37:30, not a great time but considering I had ran 12 miles the day before I was quite pleased. I again ran a rock solid consistent pace, I had hopes of picking it up the last mile or so but the tank was empty but I held my pace.

I continued to get the miles in and I was starting to feel real confident about my body holding together. Next up, was the Get in Gear. A 10k PR of 45:02, held pace fairly well. On to a half marathon on New Prague, again the day went well a 1:46:35, sub 4 was in sight. I proceeded to train very well, I looked forward to Grandma's

I got to Duluth and I was ready, the injuries of 94 were behind me, I felt great. I was sitting at the Ford dealer and was actually almost cocky. Scott came over to talk with me and noticed I was drinking some Ultima. I said, it was my day a little electrolyte would be just what I needed. He was surprised as normally I wouldn't drink anything ahead of a race. The race began and I started clicking off the miles, it was going to be my day. I felt good, right, well not quite right, but I couldn't figure out what was bugging me then at mile 3, they started, severe stomach cramps. Not the diarrhea type but more like pain. What was going on, I had to walk, the cramp seemed to subside, I took back off, they returned. I tried to run through it, they doubled me up. What was I going to do, I was 4 miles in, 22 miles more like this? I decided to just do it, I ran, I walked, I cried, I finished in 4:34 minutes, what a terrible day. What had caused the cramps? A very disappointing day.

I got right back into training and didn't have any issues so I figured that Grandma's must've been a fluke. Next race was at the end of July, the Rosemount Run for the Gold. This year I was running with Kristin, actually she was going to be in the baby jogger. Race morning came and so did diarrhea, what a lousy way to start a day. I thought I was still ok to run and decided to run the 1 mile race which proceeds the 4 miler. I left Kristin with Karyn who was manning a water stop with our oldest daughter Katie and her Girl Scout troop. I ran a decent mile in 6:05, actually a PR since I couldn't ever remember running a timed mile before. The 4 mile race went fine, we finished in 31:30 and Kristin got a lot of smiles. So a lousy start but a couple of decent races. The next day I was sick, I spent the day sleeping. Monday - sick, Tuesday - sick. Wednesday - went back to work, ran with Kristin, Thursday - diarrhea continued, Friday the same. I felt better on Saturday and got a run in, ran again Sunday and then on Tuesday. Wednesday it was back, sick again. Slept all day Thursday, Friday back to work, not normal. Ran Saturday and Sunday. Monday seemed ok, Tuesday it was back, Wednesday to the Doctor. Thursday felt better, went to work, Friday felt tired but got in a run. We left on a short vacation to Bemidji, on Saturday it came back and I vaguely remember being at Itasca State Park and laying on a picnic table in agony as well as staying in the car. Sunday no better, Monday it continues, Tuesday it's diagnosed. Antibiotics started. Turns out I had Giardia and Kristin and Karyn had it as well. We were not sure how we got it but finally figured out that it must have come from when we stayed in Austin, MN over Memorial day. We had stayed at a Holiday Inn and Kristin had played in a wading pool without filtration and our guess is that is where we got it. Over the course of August, I lost about 12 pounds and had gotten fairly weak. I had signed up for the Woodbury 1/2 and since I had been antibiotics for 4 days, I figured I would be fine. I was feeling light and quick and of course went out too quick. No stamina.

I ran the Jesse James Days 15k race a few weeks later, it went well and I was slowly getting my strength back.

Twin Cities
The day of the race arrived and my plan was to go out slow, enjoy the day. I knew that my stamina was still not quite right so I figured a slow pace would be a good idea. I floated through the course, it was cool and actually a beautiful day. I was feeling good so after going under 35W I decided to pick it up a bit more it went ok and I started thinking in the back of my mind that maybe if I could keep picking it up I might have a chance at a sub 4. I did the math and it was possible but I was going to have to run a fast final 8 miles. I made it to St. Thomas but was out of gas, I did the math again and figured I couldn't make it. I went ahead and did the best I could and finished in 4:02:33 which matched my best time ever. I couldn't believe that I ran a marathon best in the exact same time as I had run Grandma's in 93.

1995 was an interesting year, expected to PR in my first marathon, disaster struck instead, in my second marathon, I almost PR'd without really trying...............


Londell said...

I have a hard time recalling grandma's anymore. Glad you finished... At times when I think back, it is a bummer as I was so much faster...

RunWesty said...

Actually, that's why I started this blog. I was getting my years confused, it's also why I started doing the retrospective. As to speed, I firmly believe my fastest marathons are still in the future. See you on the trails on the 26th.


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