Friday, November 21, 2008

Running Goals.......

I am debating what I want to accomplish in my running for next year so I decided to focus first on my life running goals. So I took a look at what I had posted last year:

Running Goals as of 2008
  • Run a marathon (or beyond) in all 50 states by 60
  • Run a marathon in under 4 hours
  • Run a 50k
  • Run a 50 miler
  • Run a 100k
  • Run a 100 miler?
  • Qualify for Boston?
  • Run 50 marathons then go for 100
I accomplished one of my goals this year, I ran a 50k (actually three) and I have reviewed the remaining goals which has led me to reconsider a couple of them. Why, well, they no longer interest me

The first goal I deleted was "Qualifying for Boston", why, too many runners, to lazy to work hard enough to get the time, it's on pavement and the reality is I would rather run a marathon (or beyond) trail race in Massachusetts then deal with "Boston".

The second goal deleted was "Run 50 marathons then go for 100", why? Well, what difference does the number of marathons matter? So I will track them but why limit myself to 50 then 100, why not 200?

So here are the goals I will carry over for 2009:

Run a marathon (or beyond) in all 50 states by 60
Continue to click off states - goal is 4 more states for 2009 which would bring my total to 12 states. Probable states for 2009 - Illinois and Kansas. Other possibilities might be Michigan, Nebraska, Kentucky, South Dakota and/or Indiana.
Run a marathon in under 4 hours
If it happens fine but I think this goal will be 2011 or beyond because although I would like to go sub 4, I think I will focus more on the next 3 goals a lot more.

Run a 50 miler
Run at least one 50 miler in 2009, this is the main goal, I am thinking McNaughton and Superior with Glacial as the last resort or my third one for the year :-)

Run a 100k
May or may not happen in 2009 (maybe Kettle Moraine or Wild Duluth?)

Run a 100 miler?

Plan to do in 2010, do I just go for Superior or do I do a couple other ones first?

I have added a few more goals to my internal list but haven't decided to post them on my blog goal list, why, can't answer that, but here they are:

Get Healthy and Stay there
Working on the foot, will work on stretching, improving core and will
carefully consider continuing to run through injuries?

Lose Weight
Plan to do in 2009

Get Stronger
Plan to do in 2009 by lifting weights, working on core, floor exercises, hill workouts, speed sessions, I just need to get healthy to be able to work harder.

So will I follow through on my goals for 2009, you bet, I have found by writing things into the blog that it helps me to focus and to get back on track when I get off track (notice I say when, not if). If I tell my family what I want to do that helps and it helps me get their support to follow me to most of the races. I may tell my co-workers at least a few of my running goals and that will keep me on track as well.

Now I will start to focus on my 2009 races but I will hold off on publishing my list until Christmas. I can think of nothing better to give myself for Christmas than a list of race possibilities except maybe signing up for about 5 or 6 them. So all I want for Christmas is .........................


Londell said...

To much thought for me... I like the 50 then 100 thoughts... I say go for Superior 50 as that is the last 50 of the 100 so the following year trying to take that beast means you already know the second half?

Hope all is well and have a great Holiday.

SteveQ said...

Don't try Superior for your first 100 unless you do the 50 first and finish it saying, "Gee, I wish I could do that for another 24 hours - in the dark, with blisters."

Otherwise, good plan.

MN Ultra Runner said...

My first thought was to make Superior 100 your first. Odds of finishing versus other races is much lower, but who cares? It happened to me this year and I realized it wasn't that big a deal. If I fail again then it might be time to start thinking about an easier course;)

Matthew Patten said...

I think any 100 is a very personal thing. I am not sure it makes sense to worry more about if one is harder than another (within reason).

They are all hard.

I have come up with a "removing road blocks" theory. Spend your time training at removing road blocks (taking certain things out of the equation).

For me, a major road block is heat. Superior is almost always cool, so I removed that road block. My margin of error was reduced.

I spent a bunch of nights running until I could not run any more. The road block was not removed, but reduced in size. The night was fun at SST for except for about 2 hours.

Look at the road blocks you can control
Weight (body fat), basic endurance strength, fueling & hydration, clothing & comfort, plus a few others.

If you completely have these under control, other issues are less likely to destroy your race. If you don't control all of these issues, once another one pops up, you are toast.

That's my 2 cents.

I say go for it, but get a couple of 50's in you first.

RunWesty said...

Great comments from all, I will plan to capture your comments in an upcoming post as they all have some great insight.


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