Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Running update and Myers-Briggs

First on the running, I had planned to run 18 miles on Saturday instead I hobbled my way through 13. Karyn and I were running in the river bottoms when I stepped into a hole around 3 miles into the run and re-torqued my right ankle. I was able to walk off most of the pain within a few minutes but it caused some ancillary pain as the run continues most of it in of course my achilles area. I was not happy but it is what it is. I have less than two weeks before Swan Lake. Any further attempts at a long run would probably not be wise but I am hoping that maybe I can get in a 15 miler tomorrow. If I can't so be it, I will run Swan Lake with the mindset that I have 6 hours and will attempt to do no major damage to myself. After that, I will target Afton and see where I am at. Karyn did question whether or not I could have gone 13 more miles if I have issues at Swan Lake. I can't remember exactly how I answered her as I too was thinking that wouldn't be a pleasant journey. I think I did say it would be my 10th state which would motivate me some and that I would rest a bit between now and then and from there I simply need some race day magic and a bit of luck.

I was reading Steve's recent post where he mentioned Myers-Briggs and that he was an "INFP" which got me thinking what am I? So I did what only made sense, checked for it on the Internet and I found a website with a fairly quick poor mans version of the test, you can find it at the HumanMetrics.com they call their test the Jung Typeology Test.

Based on this test, I am an INTP, the interesting part is their analysis of where I was in each category. Here are those results:

Introverted (67%) Intuitive (62%) Thinking (1%) Perceiving (33%)

(Strength of the preferences %)

Qualitative analysis of your type formula

You are:
  • distinctively expressed introvert
  • distinctively expressed intuitive personality
  • slightly expressed thinking personality
  • moderately expressed perceiving personality
I agree that I am introverted and intuitive, the other two categories it appears I am not quite as strong in one way or the other especially the thinking/feeling category. The fun part with the test is I you can go back through it and play with some of the questions and see what affect they have on the scoring. (I should add sometimes you have to wait 5 minutes or so as it came back service unavailable occasionally). The bottom line is for me the questions I could go either way on didn't change anything at least not too much.

I did read the typelogic description for my type and it did strike close to home.

What's it mean, you got me but it's always fun to psycho analyze oneself.


Londell said...

I did Myers-Biggs once. Thought it was close but do not recall what I was? Is there a NUTS designation? I have my MRI tomorrow... Amazing how it hurts so much more after the Doc questioned how I could be running on this injury at all with the pain that must be there? I have a high threshold... Anyway, good luck with the training.

starbadger said...

I'd like you to come over to my website. I am interested in you for a bunch of reasons. You are a runner and an INTP or at least those are two things you do.

wildknits said...

Interesting... got me to go over and take the test. first time since I was a teen (oh so long ago and can't remember those results other than introvert - which surprises many ;-> ).

Hmmm - results seem to fit fairly well.

Here is to your ankle healing and a good race!!!

SteveQ said...

I took the test and came out INFJ this time (80-90% INF, 5% J). The INFP profile still fits better, but it's close.

Now try to find Wired Magazine's test for autism. I scored 47 out of 50 on that one (12-18 is standard).

RunWesty said...

Steve - took the test, came in at a 32.


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