Monday, March 22, 2010

Decision Made

It's McNaughton, now I just need to finish training this week and I will be set :-).


nwgdc said...

Dang! I had my money (and Vegas Odds) on Chippewa!

Then again, maybe this is good for me. Considering I'm most likely doing Chippewa, because you're not doing it I'm pretty much guaranteed PERFECT conditions!

Matthew Patten said...

I say we start calling you the Brett Fav-Ray of the ultra scene (indecisive). all in fun

Don't believe Nic. He's the kind of guy who would say "hey, let's hook up for a run on Sunday morning" and then bail on you because they are going out with friends the night before.

Can you believe people like that?

Karen G said...

Good decision!! I like the thing about training your mind for a distance.

Kel said...

Good choice.

With a 34 hour cut off, you even have the option of doing 30 Saturday, sleeping for awhile, and doing a 20 miler on Sunday. You'll still score a buckle :)

Mike said...

Nic - Glad I can get you some good weather. I will miss seeing you fly by, have a good day and enjoy that hill at the finish.

Matt - as a Bears fan to be compared to the greatest Packer and viking QB for my indecisiveness hit too close to home, that hurt :-). I will work on it to avoid such comparisons in the future.

Karen - I just hope it works

Kel - I may end up on that plan whether I want to or not but it did enter my mind.


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