Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Unbelievable run in Lebanon Hills

I am so happy, I decided to run after work today in Lebanon Hills and to my delight the snow is almost completely gone.

I was amazed at how good of shape the trail was in, it was so nice to be able to run without slipping and skidding in the snow and I was also pleasantly surprised at the mud. There were only a few sections that were bad and frankly they weren't bad. I have run in Lebanon Hills in much worse conditions and for the first run of the spring without snow, it was great. I am not sure if the ground is still frozen and the snow just melted across the ground or if it is a by-product of the trail work they did last year or yet some other reason, regardless, it was a delightful run.

I also carried my phone and took a few pictures. I started in a light rain and when I ended the sun was out. This picture is at the start of the run on the south side of Jensen Lake, btw, be careful on the wooden bridges, they are a bit slippery

The next picture was 4 miles later and if you look real close you can almost see the huge hawk. I tried to get close but the hawk decided against that. Unfortunately I didn't take the time to figure out how to use the zoom on the phone camera or I might have gotten a good picture. Oh well, it was still neat to see the bird from about 20 feet away.

Near the end of the run, looking back across Jensen Lake, notice how blue the sky has turned and to think I thought it was just my mood change as the result of the run.

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Julie said...

Those are great pictures...it looks like you had a fantastic run:) Finally there are a few signs of spring!


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