Wednesday, March 24, 2010

An odd occurance at work

You know the old phrase "when you think you have seen it all.....", well today at work I had a very interesting experience that fits that category.

I was sitting at my desk getting some work done on my computer when I heard something behind me. I have an office and when I am working on my computer there is nothing behind me but a wall. So I turned and looked to see what had fallen. At first glance I didn't see anything then I looked down and to my amazement this is what I saw.

Not this exact snake but one just like it. I believe it had fallen out of the ceiling near a light fixture. Some might wonder how I reacted, well this is where all the years of running trails paid off. I looked at it and thought it can't be, I moved it moved, I thought to myself it is. It then moved under my desk. I got out of my chair, thought to myself, did I just imagine that?

I walked out into the hallway and talked to a fellow worker. I mentioned to him what had happened, he said no way. I said I think so. Anyway, we looked for it and we didn't see it. Now I was sure of what I saw so I walked down and told facilities, they said no way. They said they would send someone up to take a look, he stopped by, we didn't see it but he said they would set some traps and call in the exterminators. He left, I pondered sitting down at my desk but decided against it. Instead I decided I needed to find it if I was going to get any work done. So I asked another employee if she had a flashlight, she did, she asked why? I told her, she said no way and came with me to look for it.

We went back to my office and I scanned behind the desk with the flashlight but didn't see it, she then got down real low under the desk and said I see it. I said good and mumbled I am not loosing it. She said what did I want to do, I said nothing, I would let facilities deal with it. About then another employee stopped by and asked what we were doing, we told her and she said no way. She asked about what facilities would do, I said probably trap it, kill it, I didn't really care. She said we should catch it, I said go ahead. I left them to their task thinking that they wouldn't do it. When I got back to my office a few minutes later sure enough they had caught the snake in my recycle basket and they took it outside and set ii free.

As to where I work, I will keep that to myself, some of you know but for others it's best they don't. Anyway, it did make for an interesting day.


Wayne said...

no way

Albert said...

Wow. I'm not too scared of snakes but that would've freaked me out a little. Good story.

Londell said...

I would had a office reputation as a women... my high pitched scream would have like no man could make... i hate snakes!!!

wildknits said...

Soooo cool. I would have been right in there with your co-workers catching it.

The real question is how long had it been in your building?!? I would think a work building would make a nice hibernarium (garter snakes tend to bunch up and hang out together over the winter).

Kel said...

...which brings the question:

how many more snakes are hibernating in the ceiling?


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