Thursday, March 11, 2010

Endurance Planet, Marathon Talk, Lebanon Update

One of the podcasts I have listened to for a while is called Endurance Planet. I like it as it not only covers ultrarunning but recently did two things, one it opened up it's "members only" content and two it added a segment called Marathon & Beyond Monday's.

Here is how they describe themselves:

Endurance Planet is the premiere online destination for runners, cyclists, triathletes, and adventure racers. Endurance Planet offers podcasts, videos, articles and products to members which provide inspiration and education. Endurance Planet gives you all the tools to boldly answer the question, “How far can you go?”

For the M & B segment they read an article out of Marathon & Beyond. I wasn't sure about this segment but they really do a nice job of bringing articles to life.

Examples of some recent shows include:

In pursuit of the Badwater Cup: an interview with Jarom Thurston

Charlie Engle on Running the Sahara
Marathon & Beyond Monday: Confessions of an Ultra Marathon Skeptic
A Different Kind of Addiction

Click on any of these links or go to their website and give it a try.

On a related matter, a whole bunch of new running podcasts have also appeared, one that I like is called "Marathon Talk", it may be because it's put on by a couple of brits and I like their accents but it's very well done so check it out too. If you want even more don't forget to go to the Running Podcast website. The only problem I have is that I am so far behind in listening to my podcasts, I have 98 in my cue and every time I whittle it down, the weekend comes and more podcasts appear.

Last, I ran in Lebanon Hills tonight and it wasn't fun, I know I said a day or so that I am headed to Chippewa, well that is if the snow melts. Last weekend it was hard packed snow and very runnable, tonight I put on my trail shoes and basically slid down the hill as you enter the Jensen lake trail, I actually slid off of the trail into the snow to keep from wiping out so I went back to my car and changed to shoes with screws, they helped but between the ice and the now very uneven surface, it was not fun, after looping around Jensen Lake, I aborted and ran another mile and a half down Pilot Knob. It ain't often I leave a trail for pavement but tonight was one of those nights. So hope I see to some warmer days and the snow continues to retreat as I am ready for spring.


wildknits said...

Thanks for the hints into podcasts.

Ah yes, we have entered that season where trail running has to be shelved. Tuesday I ran snowmobile trails that got softer as the run progressed. I am sure it was good strength training to be out there running hills in what seemed to be the equivalent of sand. But it was pretty miserable going and resulted in a wet feet as I broke through into puddles. On the up side - was able to wear short sleeves ;->

It will be a long spring if this weather pattern keeps up - hard to run the trails if they are muddy as well (from a sustainability view point).

Wayne said...

seems someone stole all the snow from my yard this weekend... maybe the trails will be dry soon??


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