Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Running motivation

I found this looking for a little running motivation on you tube, kind of puts age and attitude into a different perspective.

Plus some additional motivation that I can file away until I experience it in future races.


Londell said...

I will keep these handy when i feel old and tired.... WOW!

Wayne said...

cool videos! as for running motivation, for me that comes from the fear associated with signing up for races like the Superior 50. :) hope things settle down for you soon.

wildknits said...

Thanks Mike for sharing these videos. Worth the wait (youtube is soooo slow to load on my computer) to watch the first one. A couple of new role models!

Dani Luffey said...

Those were actually pretty cool videos, I totally wasn't expecting that.

It didn't look like you were either aware or preparing for the 13.1 Minneapolis on Aug. 22nd. I'm helping to promote it and can offer a discount for registration if you, or someone you know is interested.

Just let me know and good luck!


brooks beast said...

This is a very good running motivation. Thanks for motivating us.


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