Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Running Reality Check

Sometimes you get in a groove and everything comes together as a race approaches and sometimes things don't. I am headed towards the don't right now. I have had to put in a lot of extra hours at work (a couple projects where I need 40+ hrs/week for each) which means a lot of missed runs.

I thought I was back on track a couple of weeks back and then I fell off the chart. Here are my last 3 weeks mileage and my projection for this week:

Week of 7/26 - 21 miles (1 run)
Week of 8/2 - 46 miles (4 runs)
Week of 8/9 - 3 miles (1 run)
Week of 8/16 - ~50 miles (5 runs)

So if I meet the goal for this week, I am back on track for Superior. I have two runs in for the week with 10 miles logged so all is well thus far. You can see that I follow the 10% rule for my weekly mileage :-) As to Superior I never planned on anything more than a finish and with the training I am getting in that is all I will strive to accomplish.

Stay tuned.


George_Fulp said...
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Wayne said...

you probably didn't plan the lower mileage week(s) but seems like you were a little dinged up... you'll be fine! :)


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