Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Superior commitment complete?

So what does the title mean, it means I probably should get in to see a Doctor for an evaluation and I don't mean a physical exam but instead of doing that I am committed to starting and finishing the Superior 50 as the payment is in, camping reservations are complete and my crew (my wife) is set. The only thing I lack is training.

So how do I train for a 50 in 6 weeks? The answer is carefully as I want to get to the start line. I had a decent base until FANs and I am working my way back from the back issue. Last weekend I got in almost 21 miles at Afton on Saturday with Wayne and Karen, we ran Wayne's double hill workout. The premise of the workout was that every hill we ran down, we turned around and walked back up, only to run down it again. Same thing on uphills except we got to go up twice. Interesting workout and Afton is a great place to do this type of workout as the hills are a plenty and if you don't think so do this workout. According to my Garmin (as displayed in SportTracks), we got in 20.82 miles with 4410 ft of climb/-4401 of descent. The only problem with the run is that it also was my total mileage for the week so I have some base to get working on.

I did check the file I uploaded from Bill last fall on the Superior 50, it showed an elevation gain/loss of 7103/7257 (difficulty of 4.5, 52.6 miles) so the Afton run probably was some decent training. As a comparison I loaded the Afton run into Bim Active (wanted to compare apples to apples) and it shows the elevation gain/loss at 4550/4543 (difficulty of 4.4, 20.84 miles).

So the good news is I am committed and that I have some training to do and I think the bad news is I am committed and have some training to do.


Londell said...

Congrats... May check with Karen and others but i think my 2-3 hours of hill repeats on the ski hill really got me ready when I finished the 50 and made 77 miles in the 100...

Wayne said...

You're looking for some training?? Have I got an opportunity for you... :)

64 CLASSIC said...

Hey--Blog surfing this evening. Your resume of events is impressive. I've got to add you to my list to follow.

I've done 2 marathons and 3 ultras as well as around a dozen half marathons.

Definitely want to look through things on your posts and soak up some information.

Scott said...

I really think quads are what you need for the SHT, maybe even more than strong endurance. I'm big on squats and box jumps. A running friend of mine reminds me of an interview with someone who finished very high at WS100, and when asked what the one thing that helped get him ready, he replied "deadlifts".

Good luck, stay safe, and have a blast!


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