Friday, January 14, 2011

A minor setback, I hope?

I went for a run with Wayne and Karen yesterday in Lebanon Hills, I was late getting there as a combo of work and traffic intervened to slow me down, so called Wayne and said I run from Jensen Lake and towards them, they had parked over at Schulze lake. There was an inch or two of new snow, not enough to bother with snowshoes I thought, so I went for my YakTrax. A minor problem, I had my wife's not mine. Re-thought the snowshoes and instead I decided to go for my screw shoes.

I was slipping a bit and rolled my right ankle just a little bit on the way to meet them. After we met up, I rolled it again, a bit more than before. I thought to myself that I need to be careful. We stopped by my car so I could double check for my yaktrax, no go, so we went ahead and continued our run.

We were almost around Jensen lake when I mis-stepped and really rolled my ankle which caused me to do a really good tumble. I would have loved to have seen it as it had to be pretty funny. I haven't wiped out in snow in quite awhile, I had forgotten how soft it is to land in as I slid along the ground. The fall was kind of poetic as Karen had just mentioned how pretty it was and how she enjoyed winter running, I said I do not enjoy winter running and I strongly preferred green. A few seconds later, I was on the ground, was this revenge on me for my anti-winter comments? It took me a minute or so to get up, frankly I didn't want to as I knew it was going to hurt. As we walked along the trail, I told them that it was ok as it was the other side of my ankle at least that is what I thought, what I hoped, what I wanted to believe.

This morning, it is pretty sore, right where I tore the ligament last fall and walking is a bit problematic. This time I am following my wife's advice and will try to do a better job of taking care of it, I am also hoping that I am wrong about re-injuring it and it is nothing but a minor sprain and a slight setback.


SteveQ said...

Some injuries end up being the type that make you more prone to the same type of injuries. It's a vicious cycle.

Hope you heal quickly.

wildknits said...

Backing Steve up on this one - and on the quick healing.

Take care of that ankle. Long, long ago I tore a ligament in my right ankle. To this day the Fibularis (peroneus) tendon will snap over my lateral malleolus on occasion.

Creeps people out, my norm now.


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