Sunday, January 16, 2011

Running log and injury updates

I have been using multiple applications to track my running - SportTracks, Buckeye Outdoors, DailyMile, Garmin and the time has come to drop one of them.

So SportTracks will be history for me. The main reason is that it appears SportTracks is discouraging it's free side and focusing on making money on the application. I noticed this when I wanted to switch my SportTracks info to another computer, since SportTracks is an application that runs on a computer while Buckeye and DailyMile are web based. Can't blame SportTracks for that but Buckeye Outdoors can directly sync with my garmin now which is why I originally started using SportTracks. Buckeye added that last fall and it is nice as you can get mile splits plus you can track shoes, weight and other things. I am not sure if there is any advantage to DailyMile but it too syncs with the Garmin directly so I will continue to give it a try as well.

Quick injury update, I think that it is a simple sprain and not, I repeat not a re-injury of the previous tear. I have no significant pain on the deltoid ligament and last time I learned where to poke so this makes me fairly happy, the real test will be when I run on it. The ankle swelling is more on the right side of the ankle, top right and a bit behind, lower right, a traditional ankle sprain. I am almost walking normally as the pain is manageable, so I plan to cross train (bike probably) today and see how that goes, hopefully I will be able to run later this week. The one thing I may need to do is to avoid uneven surfaces (meaning trails) once I head back outdoors. I am not pleased by this thought but I can't afford another injury to this ankle before the snow melts. I have to remind myself that I do have some races that I want to do and I want to do them healthy.

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