Monday, January 17, 2011

Which one is normal?

Playing a bit with my cell phone camera, so can you tell the difference?
(The line in my leg above the ankle is from the ankle wrap.)

As ankle sprains go, I think this one will heal up fairly quickly as the swelling is only moderate and I am now back to walking almost normally.

Someone at work was kind enough to suggest that maybe I am too old to be running trails at dusk in snow or maybe to old to be even running trails. I told him that I am not sure that I am too old, maybe to clumsy, maybe to unfocused to pay attention, maybe to stupid to wear the right shoes (or snowshoes as the case may have been).

It's been an interesting last 3 or 4 months dealing with all the running incurred injuries, the one consolation of this ankle injury is that we are about to have the one week of the year that I can live without running in MN and actually if this is as cold as it gets, it wasn't a bad winter for temp. Here is our forecast:

After this week, the forecast is back to the mid 20's which can be almost balmy compared to the above. Hopefully, I will be back to running by the weekend and will be able to enjoy the warmth.

1 comment:

wildknits said...

Wait - were all of those highs above zero?!?! Hmmph... hardly cold at all ;->

Actually, I would be okay with no long stretches where the temperature never rises above zero, but realize that I do live in Minnesota so it is a bit of an unreal expectation.

Glad the healing is progressing well! Continue to take care of those ankles.


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