Saturday, April 30, 2011


When it comes to my running I have been known to make questionable choices as least when it comes to injuries. The one choice I have never made is to rest until an injury is pain free. It is possible upon reflection that they may have led to longer injury rehab periods.

So as of this weekend I am shutting down my running, I will walk, bike or figure out something else to keep me sane. For how long? I am intending to wait until I am pain free. I am hopeful that it will only be a week or two.

What led me to this, well last Monday I saw my Doctor, we had a good conversation. He told me to run with a brace as he knew I would not stop running based on our past conversations concerning my running rehab patterns. I think his preference was for me to stop running or if I insisted on running, run on pavement for no more than 3 or 4 miles.

It was also influenced by my Thursday run with Wayne and Karen, I wore the brace but I had pain the next day. It may have been complicated by playing two softball games after the run. Not sure about that but I guess it is possible.

So I will try to play softball this week (Thursday, only 1 game) and see if that increases the pain or makes no difference. If the pain changes then I will have to take time off from that too. I had retired from softball last year so that I could focus on running without complicating it with softball aches and pains. That didn't work out quite as planned. So I agreed to play again with my old team since I knew I shouldn't be running long for a few weeks. I have to admit I had fun playing a game again that I have played for over 35 years.

Good news is I am up over 5 seconds for balance on the wobble board.


Lesley said...

Tough decision, but a good one, I think! Heal well, and in the mean time, enjoy doing other things! Bet your softball team is glad to have you back. :)

Mike said...

Yes they are and it's fun to be back playing again.


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