Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Marathon 2 Marathon in 4 days

Time to get in that last run or two before Marathon 2 Marathon and to think about how to approach the event.

As to strategy, I have none, the goal will be to finish. I am not at the weight or fitness level I would like to be and the weather is trending hot. So the plan will be to start slow and to finish. If the body seems to work I will push it after 15, if it doesn't I will endure the day and enjoy the solitude of a small marathon. So I hope to have a better day than Fargo, that wasn't fun. A run especially a marathon is something that I like to enjoy. It should be savored like a good cup of coffee or an ice cold beer. Sure the last x miles are always an adventure but on a good day you should breeze through the first 15 or so.

The marathon starts at 6:00 am and we will run from Storm Lake, Iowa to Marathon, Iowa. The course looks to have some undulation but nothing too serious. The main problem that I anticipate is the boredom of running long straight roads. The good side, is I have never been there and so I will be able to soak it all in. They have a 1/2 marathon that starts midway at 7 am, a marathon relay that starts at 6 and a 5k that starts at 8 and begins and ends at the finish.

The weather forecast is for sun and highs of 85, low of 62 with 50% humidity so it will probably be in the 70's for most of the race. If nothing else, it should be a test of my electrolyte strategy. So if all goes well I will avoid stomach distress and have no fuel issues. I hope the forecast changes but if not, it will help me for Afton.

So the plan for the week is to run 5-6 at Hyland before work tomorrow, possible run an easy 3-4 on Thursday and then Saturday to cruise through 26.2 and to work on the tan.

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