Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Marathon Maniacs - Survey says?

After I finished at M2M, I noticed a runner wearing a black "Marathon Maniacs" shirt talking to another runner. She was telling this runner to join, apparently I didn't look like a good candidate but it did strike my fancy to investigate.

In looking through their web page, it looks like I might be a good candidate but there are a couple of huge problems. The first problem is that it is a group, I am not good at groups, the second problem is the shirt it would attract attention, I don't like attention and the third and final issue it only comes in black or yellow. I don't like yellow and I am not fond of black.

There was a survey that I started to fill out until I thought through the above issues and since I did most of it, I figured I may as well do a quick post with some of the questions I found most interesting, so here are my 13 favorites.

1. How many marathons / ultra marathons have you run?
  • 29/1
2. What was the first race you ever ran? (Any distance)
  • Race for the Rainbow 5k – 1992
3. What was the first marathon you ever ran? What year did you run it? Did you have fun that day?
  • Grandmas – 1993 – yes (and pain :-)
4. How long have you been a runner and why did you start running?
  • Started in late December of 1991 to get out of my in-laws house at Christmas.
5. Of all the races out there in this world, which one would you most like to run?
  • Dances with the Dirt 50 miler in Gnaw Bone, IN - 15 miles from where I grew up
6. What was you most memorable marathon and why?
  • Grandmas 1999, I ran it with a torn meniscus cartilage in my right knee in order to keep my Grandma's streak going
7. What was the furthest you’ve ever traveled for a race?
  • Country Music Marathon - Nashville, TN
8. If personal obligations or finances were not an issue, how many marathons would you run in one year?
  • 17 (1 every 3 weeks)
9. From what race did you receive your favorite finishers medal?
  • Pineline Marathon, after a terrible day I found out I finished 4th in my age group and I received a yellow rail spike (if you didn't guess it, I am pretty sure there were 4 in my age group)
10. Do any of your non-running friends or family members think that you’re crazy for running as much as you do? What are some of their comments to you?
  • Yes, why?, how far?, isn't it bad for your knees?, do you get paid?
11. What is your favorite Post race meal?
  • Sammy's pizza in Duluth with a Lake Superior Ale
12. What was the most challenging race or combination of races you’ve ever done and why?
  • Chippewa Moraine 50k – had to run in snow and it was my first 50k
13. What are your short-term running goals and your long-term running goals??
  • Short term - get to 10 states and a 50 miler
  • Long term - 50 states, 100k and 100 miler


Nettie said...

Heh. I was one of those runners with the MM singlets on; however, I did not attempt to recruit anyone.

I will get my 10th state this year. Will you be joining the 50 States club?

RunWesty said...

That's ok, whoever it was did so in a good way. Sorry if my post made it sound like it wasn't.

Yes, I will join as soon as I get to 10, should be this fall or next spring. Although, I am not sure which of the two groups or both, I will join.

Congrats in advance for reaching your 10th.


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