Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wynn Davis quote with a minor addendum

Just a quick post on Wynn Davis's quote "You gotta be tough, if you are gonna be stupid". I would add one minor update that Wynn probably doesn't need. Here goes:

"You gotta be tough, if you are gonna be stupid and if you are gonna be stupid then ya better be stubborn".

Ok, it may reflect my view, since I don't think I am tough, stubborn yes. When I head to Afton, I know I will be slow I may finish last but I will do my best to get to the end. Yes it will be a battle, my knees will hurt, my stomach will probably check out, my weight won't help, my training isn't great but I will welcome the battle within. It is this battle that I embrace as I love the struggle, if it was easy, why do it, the fact that I don't know the outcome is why I love it.

Enjoy the challenges of life.............

1 comment:

SteveQ said...

You won't be last - not by a long shot. Even with the new 8 hour cut-off time, you'll be well ahead of a lot of runners.

See ya there!


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