Thursday, June 5, 2008

Shortest run of the year thanks to weather

The fun part of running in Minnesota is the weather we get to experience, today's weather offered another opportunity.

I tried to sneak in a 4 or 5 mile run after work which I ended up cutting off after 2 miles. The reason for cutting it short was the weather, specifically lightning. I had gotten to Lebanon Hills and could see that it might start raining so I decided to loop around Jensen Lake, it's a bit more than two miles so I figured I would shoot for 2 1/2 loops.

Well, I got about as far away from my car as I could on that loop when I saw the first lightning flash (don't you just hate things like that). I love running in the rain but am not overly fond of lightning. I was hoping that I would make it back to the car before the storm hit so I immediately picked up the pace. I also noticed that it was getting kind of dark.

Another flash of lightning, then about 5 seconds later I heard the thunder. Of course I thought about how to tell how close lightning is that 1 mile/sec thing from the the time you see the flash and hear the thunder. I surveyed my situation, surrounded by trees, on a trail next to water with lightning closing in. I went a little faster, another flash, about 3 seconds, speed it up more, still 3/4 of a mile to get to my car. Faster, watch out for the rocks, as they were getting hard to see in the darkening sky, another flash, 2 seconds, rain is starting, 1/2 mile to go.

Faster, watch out for that root, torrential rain, cool, lightning, bad if you are near a lake, around trees and on a water soaked trail. Faster, a very bright flash, 1 second later thunder, ok, if it's my day to get hit then there isn't much I can do about it. Still a 1/4 mile to go, ok say a quick prayer, Lord, if you are taking me today, I am ok with that as dying on a trail would sure beat many other locations but I would really like to make it another day. Another lightning flash, thunder 1 second later but good news it's on the other side of the lake. At least I thought it was good. Another flash, pretty much right next to me, thunder pretty much as I saw the flash. Faster, faster, faster.................

Well, since you are reading this, you know I made it and I had no damage except for getting very wet. I do love running in rain but I now know for sure that I don't like lightning..............

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