Monday, July 20, 2009

Garmin Sites

Since I got the Garmin a few weeks ago, I have had fun learning about it and the websites or programs that I can view the data with. I have used Garmin Connect (web based), Garmin Training Center (local to my PC) and Sport Tracks (local to my PC). All of these are free to use. Of the three the one I use the most is Sport Tracks and I do like it as I can sync the data to Buckeye Outdoors where I like to keep my web based running log. All of these have been ok but none have brought the data to life.

I was reading a blog I follow called "On the trails with Ed" and he mentioned using BIM Active to look at his Garmin data, his data looked interesting so I gave it a shot. For those that might wonder, I follow his blog as he lives in Kentucky and runs races in Kentucky as well as my beloved Southern Indiana like the Gnaw Bone 50 (his 2008 race report) and the Tecumseh Trail Marathon (his 2008 race report). Gnaw Bone is about 10 miles from where I grew up and the Tecumseh trail marathon takes place just northwest of Nashville which is just 6 miles from Gnaw Bone, can you guess which events I am looking at doing in Indiana?

Here is the BIM active display of data from my recent race at Afton, it was exported from BIM directly into my blog, I just added the commentary above and below. (It does look a little prettier through the BIM webpage, but it looks ok here still). In order to get my Garmin data into BIM, I did have to export the data from Sport Tracks to a GPX file and then import it into bim.

Route:--Elev. Avg:835 ft
Location:Afton Alps Ski Area, MNElev. Gain:+6 ft
Date:07/04/09Up/Downhill: [+2181/-2175]
Time:06:32 AMDifficulty:4.3 / 5.0

Distance: 15.58 miles

Speed:4.3 mph

Pace:13' 57 /mi


Elevation (ft)
Pace (min/mile)
MilePace (min/mile)Speed (mph)Elevation
actual+/- avgactual+/- avg
112' 57-1' 004.6+0.3-42 ft
213' 34-0' 234.4+0.1+122 ft
312' 13-1' 444.9+0.6-128 ft
413' 07-0' 504.6+0.3-9 ft
513' 18-0' 394.5+0.2+138 ft
611' 25-2' 325.2+0.9-246 ft
714' 55+0' 584.0-0.3+279 ft
810' 58-2' 595.5+1.2-256 ft
915' 44+1' 473.8-0.5+253 ft
1011' 37-2' 205.2+0.9-262 ft
1112' 14-1' 434.9+0.6-23 ft
1214' 51+0' 544.0-0.3+197 ft
1313' 32-0' 254.4+0.1-3 ft
1416' 00+2' 033.8-0.6+55 ft
1515' 37+1' 403.8-0.5-76 ft
end25' 58+12' 012.3-2.0+10 ft
Versus average of 13' 57 min/mile

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Now for my race analysis, in looking at my data it makes sense up to mile 12, before that my pace slowed on the hills which is what I did. But after mile 12 my pace no longer matched the course which is pretty much what happened. I couldn't manage the terrain and maintain my pace with my injuries.

So if you want another Garmin data site, give BIM a try, it's free to register and for me it's a site I may use as it allows me to analyze my data a little more easier than the other sites, if only it had a direct interface to my Garmin or could sync with Buckeye, it would be even better.

So even though I like it, I still like Sport Tracks better as it has both of those, the data just isn't quite as pretty to look at.


Londell said...

I thank you for the tip... When I get to use my Garmin again? I have a Mac and I only found one program, ascent. Sportracks does not have a Mac version. I use ascent it but still lacks the basic punch it appears BIM active gives. May try it out? Ascent does export to GPX...

SteveQ said...

I'm absolutely stunned that the distance and elevation data is exactly right. I never get that out of Garmin.

RunWesty said...

Londell - you can also export it from Garmin Connect or get rid of the Mac and try real computing :-)

Steve - if you ran my pace you might get more accurate times, you may just be too quick for the satellites :-)


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