Sunday, July 5, 2009

Surf the Murph 50

Surf the Murph will be the focus of the rest of my summer and fall training. That's because as of right now, I plan to do the 50 miler. I do have to get myself healthy. I really probably shouldn't have attempted Afton yesterday on my sore left ankle and right achilles but I did and I am now going to have focus on recovery and getting my legs healthy.

My wife has mentioned that maybe I shouldn't be running but instead I should cross train, you know swim, bike, etc... I am sure she is right but I don't plan on stopping running until the injuries completely shut me down which I don't think they will with a little common sense. But she is still right, the cross training concept is a good idea. And since the next race up is the Turtle Trot Triathlon in a couple of weeks the timing is good. So with that in mind, my question became if I take a couple weeks and do lower distance mileage and some cross training can I still get my mileage back up for an attempt at a 50.

So I went to the Santa Clarita Ultramarathon Training schedule creator and input the date for Surf the Murph (October 31st) and I now have a training program to follow.
Week OfWeekMonTueWedThuFriSatSunMiles
Jul 133 CD0224012828
Jul 2040246014834
Jul 27504460161040
Aug 3604660181044
Aug 10704680201048
Aug 178 CD0486010836
Aug 24904880221052
Aug 3110041080221054
Sep 711041080241056
Sep 1412 CD04106010838
Sep 211341280003155
Sep 2814041280241058
Oct 515041280261060
Oct 1216 CD041080161048
Oct 1917 CD0466010632
Oct 26184320050m ultra059
CD = cycle down
  • You will begin running longer on back-to-back weekends. You will also begin building a semi-long mid-week run, preferably on Wednesday. Obviously you will have higher weekly mileage as a result. You may vary your schedule as necessary but nothing substitutes for the weekend long runs which should be on trails or fire roads. Other runs may be on paved roads.
  • Rest is essential. It is recommended that you not run at all on Mondays and Fridays. There are occasional easy weeks for recovery.
  • When you are training for a 50 mile event all other races should be used as training runs, including 50Ks. When it comes to 50 mile training, go for "time on your feet" over fast races.
I think it is a yes, Ok the mileage is a bit much right now but with that common sense I mentioned with regards to my running I think I can accomplish the training. Right now I just need to adopt the positive attitude of the frog,

I do so like this attitude and it's why I struggled yesterday to drop as this picture always pops into my head when the times are tough but all I had to do was remind myself that for this year the stork represents the 50 mile race at Surf the Murph not the 50k at Afton.

One of my major goals for this year has been to run my first 50. To do that intelligently I have to get my legs healthy fast or it will be a miserable day as it was yesterday and at Swan Lake and for 20 miles at Chippewa.

When I start the 50 I don't plan on quiting for any reason. I do have a lot of work to put in if I want this training program to go well but I think everything is lining up for a shot. Once I get healthy then all I need to remember is that I know the course, I will have 14 hours but less than 12 sounds more appealing, I have time to train properly, I have time to get the weight down and to work on fueling, I have nothing else scheduled for the fall. All in all, it seems like a good idea so it's time to get healthy and to train.


Londell said...

I found my longer weekday runs were hard for long miles. I would do 3-4 in the AM, 3-4 at lunch and then 5-6 after dinner. Made it easier. Good luck!

RunWesty said...

I like that piece of advice as I have always struggled getting in longer mid-week runs. Thanks for the tip.

Wayne said...

Mike, it was nice to see you again at Afton. It sounds like you're focused and have a good plan for the 50. I think cross-training is good... and so is rest! :) Recover and train well.


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