Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Latest run - BIM vs. Garmin

I ran in Lebanon Hills yesterday evening after dinner and was dismayed to see that the Jensen lake south section is still closed. I sure hope they aren't planning on putting in blacktop. The bugs weren't terrible and the park wasn't too wet from the rain. It is interesting to see how low the various ponds (I mean lakes) are from the lack of rain. Hopefully we will get a bit more rain and a lot more heat in the coming weeks.

As to this run, I tried to run harder but it just didn't seem too happen at least based on my times, although I do think this time the Garmin may be shorting my distance :-).

OK, I just couldn't help myself as I had to compare BIM with Garmin Connect. There is a bit of a difference with the charts and I had to select multiple tabs on the Garmin website to see the charts. From the BIM website, it's all in front of you and it was easy to export to my blog, one button click and it was published. From the Garmin website, I printed each chart to pdf, captured the image, saved it as a jpg and then imported into my blog. Kind of a hassle but the elevation chart looks more like a reason to run slower. One last thing, with Garmin you only get the splits if you turn on the auto lap feature with 1 mile selected, with BIM and Sport Tracks they will give you splits regardless of the lap setting.

Route:--Elev. Avg:927 ft
Location:Eagan, MNElev. Gain:-36 ft
Date:07/21/09Up/Downhill: [+479/-515]
Time:07:25 PMDifficulty:2.9 / 5.0

Weather:Partly Cloudy

68 F temp; 60% humidity

68 F heat index; winds S 7

Distance: 5.89 miles

Speed:4.8 mph

Pace:12' 27 /mi


Elevation (ft)
Elevation profile from BIM Active

Elevation profile from Garmin Connect

Pace (min/mile)
Pace chart from BIM Active
Pace chart from Garmin Connect

MilePace (min/mile)Speed (mph)Elevation
actual+/- avgactual+/- avg
112' 11-0' 164.9+0.1-36 ft
212' 23-0' 044.8+0.0+29 ft
312' 17-0' 104.9+0.1-36 ft
412' 42+0' 154.7-0.10 ft
512' 45+0' 184.7-0.1+20 ft
end12' 17-0' 104.9+0.1-13 ft
Versus average of 12' 27 min/mile

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Wayne said...

Mike, do you know how BIM does elevation? I don't trust the watch numbers at all. Garmin motion-based used external data to calculate so I trusted that. Garmin Connect is still working on the elevation piece and will adjust the numbers over time (so says the help).

BTW, rumor has it you can get around the south side of Jensen Lake without any trouble... at least last week. :)

RunWesty said...

Wayne, BIM doesn't do it since it is imported GPX file, if I understand GPX files correctly. I imported it from Sport Tracks so it's their data interpretation. I should import from Garmin and my guess is that it will match Garmin.

As to the south loop, you can run it but technically I would violate their trail closed signs. So I figured I would wait until they are done as I have run it (oops I missed their signs :-) and they have already ruined it from my perspective.

Mike said...

BIM gets elevation from a USGS lookup. It is much more accurate that the GPS elevation that Garmin reports.


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