Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lebanon Hills Center Section - BIM vs Garmin difference

When I looked at my running info from yesterday, I was puzzled by my mile 3 split time. The groin issue happened after mile 3, yet my pace had already slowed down.

I think I know the reason, this morning I uploaded my runs into Garmin Connect and noticed that my overall time and my mile splits were different and that my Garmin data matches what I remembered, I slowed a bit in mile 3 as it was more uphill and then slowed even more in mile 4 because of the injury. Here are the mile splits from Garmin:
Why the difference, well I had a rock in my shoe and during mile 3 I stopped and removed it. When I did so, I pushed the stop button on my Garmin, after I removed it, I hit the start button and was underway. So just a minor difference to note between BIM and Garmin. BIM looks like it reflects total time. In this case, I like the Garmin data as it reflects my run, yes in a race, the total clock time trumps but for training I like to see the reality of what is happening on a per mile basis.

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Londell said...

Yes, I noticed the same on several programs that it is start time and finish time. I do thing the topo charts in BIM are very close to accurate, unlike any program I have seen to date.


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