Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Decision time?

Time to decide what I want to do this year with regards to my running? Ok, I thought I had it all figured out in early January when I set some goals but when I sprained the ankle a second time, my goals took a left turn or was it a right turn?
I am thinking about what I should do as McNaughton went mostly ok but not great and my recent runs haven't been good. I am hoping that maybe it's just been a bad week or so of running and that I had a bug or something. After Sunday's run, Chippewa should be out but I have learned to not let a single bad run bug me too much. So I ran last night in Lebanon Hills and felt a lot better. I had some pain in the ankle but managed 6 miles and felt almost like a runner. The calf tightened up a bit too but was manageable as well. So I will see how the ankle holds up over the next day or so and then make the call. It seems solid but I still get pain at times and it is still a little swollen on the inside of the ankle. How long does it take for swelling to go away?

I hate to not run and rehab the ankle more as to me that just would prolong a long span of not running and if it is fine, well then I should run on it. On the other hand, running on the ankle could lead to another injury and set up the end of the season before it begins.

I hate these types of decision so I think I will wait another day or so before I make it.

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