Saturday, April 23, 2011

Future plans?

This morning instead of running Chippewa I am looking at races I can do in May and June with the goal of hitting Afton trained and healthy.

So what races am I looking at:
  • Stillwater Marathon (5/29th)
  • Chester Woods 50k (6/4th)
  • Minneapolis Marathon (6/5th)
  • William O'Brien 10 miler (6/26th)
So there are a few races between now and Afton that might be interesting to run or I may just hit the trails and avoid the masses.

Granted the precondition is I need to get the ankle figured out so I also looked up the Doctor I go to and will call for an appointment. I have a few theories as to what is going on but I will ultimately let him make the diagnosis. I do know that the last four races I have run in, the ankle has been an issue (one of the races was when I first injured it, the other 3 are ones I hobbled through) and I am kind of tired of dealing with it. If he tells me something that precludes being able to get right back to training, then I will focus on a fall event.

Long term, this injury has been a set back but that is ok as my goals over the next few years are only to get back into marathon to 50 mile shape. Then in late summer of 2012 run Superior and then maybe in the spring of 2013 see if there are some longer events I want to go for. I will remind myself to be patient

and to remember that my goals are to be running for the rest of my life not just a race in 2011.


wildknits said...

Glad to hear you have worked out some alternative plans.

So - have you had an MRI (says the woman who avoided an x-ray for 6 weeks ;->)? I hear they can detect stuff missed by both x-rays and bone scans ;->

Mike said...

No MRI, I would have had to gone to a Doctor to get one. I have at least decided to make an appointment to get it looked at again. I didn't go back in after I re-injured it, maybe I should have. I figured it would heal up on my limited running.

Thanks for heading me in the right direction. Maybe we both will be back to running well by Fall.

SteveQ said...

There's a 50K at Chester Woods?

Mike said...

Steve - yes they do, this is the first year for the 50k and the 5th year for the 10 miler.


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