Monday, April 11, 2011

Potawatomi Recap

Had a great time with Wayne, Karen and Rick while down at McNaughton Park this past weekend. Technically the race is now called Potawatomi Trail runs, we thought they should add "FKAM" to their shirts somewhere (formerly known as McNaughton). The weather was an issue on a couple of fronts but that happens, Rich and his team of volunteers put on a first class event and seemed to be better organized than last year. The weekend of running gave me insight to a few things, first what does it really take to run a 100 miles, second do I still want to run one and last, where am I physically.

Disclaimer: I am not going to write anything about the races everyone else did, I am going to wait for Rick, Karen or Wayne to do that. So if you want the details on their races, email, call or bug them as you deem appropriate. As to me, I stopped after 40 miles with the belief that 10 more miles would have risked too much and another buckle wasn't worth it.

First question - "What does it really take to run a 100 miles?"

A lot of training, luck, desire, a decent course, good weather conditions and you have to sign up.

Second question - "Do I still want to run a 100 miles?"

Yes in a way but after watching the weekend, I lack the training, real desire so I am not thinking of signing up anytime soon. So my answer is now a "no", maybe in a few years I will think about it again and decide to do what it would take but for now, I am not close to being able to take it on.

Third question - "Where am I physically?"

My ankle is iffy, pain during and afterwards. I knew going into McNaughton that it would be a good test and I expected issues and I had them. Good news is that I put it through 40 miles and it was not unbearable but not enjoyable. I iced and wrapped it between runs but in my last 10 miles I was getting a little more concerned as fatigue was taking hold and the pain seemed greater but it may have been that I was just tired. The pain is more of an ache than sharp pain so I probably just need to back off and do some additional rehab or go get it checked it by someone who knows more than me.

Beyond the ankle, I still need to work on my fueling, hydration and feet, no disasters at McNaughton but some concerns.

I also need to work harder at my running by doing more than just enough to get by. We had some great conversations on the car ride home about the training we all do and I think we all suffer a bit from just doing enough to get by. For me, it might be enough for a marathon or a 50k but I need to do more for the 50's. The concept of running with a purpose be it speed, strength or long come to mind. Maybe even some cross training and losing some weight. I may make it sound worse than it is as I did do some training and I have lost weight but I am not where I should be.

So where does this leave me?

Thinking a bit about what other runs I may do for this summer and running in general.

Right now I am 50-50 on Chippewa, my ankle and conditioning probably don't tee me up for an enjoyable day. If I blow out the ankle, my summer might be shot. Beyond my Chippewa decision, I just don't know.

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