Sunday, April 3, 2011

Roads or Trails?

Here are a pair of new trail shoes after 7 miles on the roads

And here are they after 6 miles on the trails

If you like the way they look in picture 2, then you are a trail runner for sure. If you like picture 1, then you should stick to roads. I love the trails and hate when my shoes look like picture 1. Unfortunately my trails still have a lot of snow on them as you can see from the picture below.

This picture is from the south side of Jensen Lake (Lebanon Hills), lots of snow yet to melt but there a few sections of the trail that have no snow but only a few. I am thinking maybe by the end of the week, the trails will be clear.


wildknits said...

Picture 2 of course.

Am going out to baptize a new pair of shoes today. Trails in our area are about 50/50 depending on amount of sun exposure and traffic.

Now on to mud season and the ethical dilemma of "are the trails really ready for foot traffic or are they still too fragile yet".

Wayne said...

mud, stream crossings - you and your shoes will be in trail heaven this weekend. :)


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