Saturday, October 1, 2011

6 week training program to Surf The Murph 50k

Since I have been struggling with a few injuries for about a year, I decided it was time to get back into the ultra scene as my legs are healthy and I feel like I just need to do it. So on September 23rd I signed up for Surf the Murph 50k. Last year I did the 25k and it was a struggle with the injuries but I took my time and enjoyed being out there. For this year, I wanted to do more but plan to use the same strategy, just enjoy being out there, run when I can, walk when I need to. Even with that in mind, I still had to use a slightly more aggressive training program than I would have preferred as I only had 6 weeks to the race, yup, your basic 6 weeks to a 50k training program. Now I did have a little base going into it (ok, make that very little) but the expectations are set correctly.

To give you an idea and to record for my reflection this winter (in case things don't work out as planned), here are my previous 6 weeks training.

Week Mileage Total Long Run/Hike
08/14/11 14 6
08/21/11 16 8
08/28/11 16 6
09/04/11 19 6
09/11/11 12 6
09/18/11 19 11*
* - actually a hike on the Pacific Crest Trail and yes it's included in my weekly mileage

My 6 week training plan to get me to the starting line and hopefully through the day.

Week Mileage Total Long Run/Hike
09/25/11 27 15
10/02/11 28 19
10/09/11 36 22
10/16/11 39 25
10/23/11 26 9
10/29/11 44 33

So although it is a bit of a ramp, I am getting in the distance and time on my feet that I think I need even though there will be as much walking as running.

Part of my thinking to do the 50k was based on the fact that I have run a marathon or beyond every year since 1993 with the exception of 2005 when I dropped out of Twin Cities at mile 22. I still have a few regrets about that one and I wanted to keep my pseudo streak to only the one exception.

My other reasons are I did the 25k last year, the 50 miler the year before, the 50k before that so by doing the 50k again I am keeping my streak at Murphy going with the twist that I never do the same distance two years in a row. Yeah, that might be a stretch but I like it.

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