Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Running again

I ran Sunday and again today, only 3 miles each time but it felt good to get back out there. I am not pain free but I think I could tolerate it for awhile. I will find out on Saturday what awhile is but I am not expecting to have major pain.

The one thing that I am happy with is that I have had no additional pain after my runs so I think it is safe to run, at least within reason. I need to watch my downhill running as that causes the most pain as it's harder to land without hitting the heel. Yes, I could just put the head down and fly down the hills but I am not there mentally, at least I wasn't there this morning in the dark.

I did have a nice pre-work run today and I did something that I probably don't do often enough which was run entirely by feel. I had my Garmin but chose to not look at it. After a couple of miles of running neither hard nor easy, I thought to myself "what do you think the time will be?". I predicted my time in my head and at the end of the run, I looked and I was a minute off. That was disappointing, I thought I had it nailed. I then looked at mile pace and saw the first mile was slow by 30 seconds, that made sense I was adjusting to the darkness even though I had my headlamp but it took a few minutes to feel like I had hit the pace I wanted. I then noticed that an additional 30 seconds was after I completed the 3 miles. So upon further reflection, I was only 30 seconds off and it all came in the first mile. That is cool, nice to have a feel for your pace.

I plan to run tomorrow with Wayne at Terrace Oaks and then run the long 25k at Surf the Murph, my plans for Murph are to run easy and enjoy the day. Oh and beat last years time ;-).

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Wayne said...

"Oh and beat last years time"... Classic! :)


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