Saturday, October 22, 2011

Surf the Murph - 1 week out

Some good news, I am almost able to walk with shoes without pain. I am hoping to run tomorrow and see how it feels. I almost went today but when I was starting to get ready to go, I felt pain and told myself to wait one more day.

On Thursday, I did get in a run around Jensen Lake with Wayne but I was wearing my VFF's. It was my longest ever run in my VFF's, probably about 2.2 miles versus a mile but I needed to run and to just run a mile didn't seem like it would be worth it. If I had a few more miles in them I would probably wear them for Surf the Murph but I am pretty sure that might lead to a few other issues. Nice thing is that they put absolutely no pressure on the heel. Wayne and I talked about the heel drop in shoes and it occurred to me that the shoes causing me the most pain have the greatest differential from back to front. It was a duh moment and really allows one to see how much our shoes do promote heel striking. I think tomorrow I will run either in my Saucony Peregrines (Stack Height: Heel (24mm), Forefoot (20mm)) or my Montrail Mountain Masochists (Stack Height: Heel (28mm), Forefoot (18mm)), if my theory is right I will like the Peregrines the best.

I think I have done a decent time this time taking care of the heel, regular icing, no running and I tried to minimize my walking at least with shoes. I was tempted to cutout the inside of one of my shoes to see if that would relieve the pressure from the shoe but thought better of it.

Another nice thing at least as of today, the weather for Surf the Murph is looking great, no rain or snow and temps from the mid 30's to mid 50's. For October 29th in Minnesota I sure will take it.

Hard to believe we are heading towards winter already, summer and fall seem to always fly by and spring takes forever to get here. Oh well, just one of the realities of living in Minnesota.

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wildknits said...

Glad to hear things are on the mend. See you at Surf!


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