Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Change of plans for Surf the Murph

Yesterday I faced reality and emailed Les, Cindy and Molly and asked if they could move me to the 25k. I really wanted to do the 50k this year and I thought was working my way back until last week. I can't remember what I posted about it but I tripped and have bruised my heel. Sensitive to touch but the bigger problem is I can't walk without a pain and putting on a shoe adds pain as the cushioning is too hard.

So the thought of running almost 34 miles in less than two weeks on rocks and down steep hills seemed like a recipe for disaster. Today a 5k would be a problem. So can I do a 25k, yes, well maybe, it may be a hike versus a run and it may take 5+ hours but I will get through it. The real issue may come next week if I am not able to be back running by then but I have a week to heal and now only need to worry about a 25k, granted a long 25k but still probably doable.

So I am not happy but my reality is what is and I need to try and get back to running pain free as soon as I can. If I didn't learn anything this year it should be running in pain does not help you get healthy. Instead deal with it, get healthy and reset your plans as there will be another race. The way I am looking it at is if I can get to the 25k pain free then I will be ahead of last year and if I can't, well so be it.

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