Monday, October 3, 2011

VFF run #2

After my long run yesterday I decided to get in a short run tonight. It was run #2 in my Vibram Five Fingers Treksports and it went just fine, actually better than fine.

My initial run in my VFF's was over 10 days ago and for that run, I went 1 mile and thought I might have gone a little far but I got away with it as I had no ramifications afterward. For tonight, I again just went a mile but I felt like I should have kept going. I felt really good considering everything which led me to wonder, can running in my VFF's be considered cross training?

Normally as I ramp up my mileage the day after a long run I have soreness especially if I try to run through it. So I decided to run in my VFF's and see how they felt, the answer was no soreness after the first steps, no strains, granted it was just 12 minutes of running but I like the early signs. I have read a bit about transitioning to barefoot running and I am still reading about it so I am not really too sure how I should use them or how fast I should add mileage. My plans are to use my VFF to help strengthen my feet and ankles and build slowly up (over then next few months) to 3 mile runs but even then the majority of my runs I plan on wearing trail shoes. I do hope to transition to lighter weight versions with the lower heel drops but I like the protection they offer. I may build up strength and confidence over time but for now I am taking it slow. I have my 50k in 4 weeks and need to ramp the mileage up for that, after that my plan is to use them more often during the fall, winter and into next year.

Here is a youtube video on the Treksports (except mine are black).

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Anonymous said...

keep working into the five fingers slowly i and others i know felt to good to soon in them and ended up injuring ourselfs 2 years later starting slow we did the afton 50k and tcm in the with no ill effects feet are a little sorer but knees and hips less sore we will try them at suft but have shoes for the second lap if its not working out the nice thing about vff's is you dont have to worry about socks most of the time see you at surf steve l


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