Friday, October 3, 2008

Maybe not worth reading.........

I really shouldn't watch debates. I have watched most of the previous primary debates and now the presidential and vice-presidential debates and I am sure I will watch the remaining two.Why do I watch the debates, good question, why do I want to run a 50 miler, better question, why do I want to do a 100 miler, the unanswerable question.

Ok back to why the debates have set me off, well it's probably because I haven't run all week (this is totally my fault - misplaced priorities and/or procrastination) but it may be because I have a hard time listening to folks who can only blame others, act like they know everything and who can knowingly misquote others (if they don't know they are misquoting then the other alternative is that they are complete idiots). Who will pander, abuse their positions, stretch the truth, talk like they are one of us, do anything to stay in office, have the media talk about their sacrifice to work in the public service and yet somehow get richer in public service than 97% of us in the private sector even though their salaries don't appear to be that much greater (I made up the 97% number - you know it's really pretty easy if you don't bother with checking to find the facts).

Just to clarify my position. I think that McCain and Biden are the most qualified candidates, Palin and Obama are the least qualified candidates So should we vote for the least qualified candidate for president or the least qualified vice-president? What does qualify someone for president?

Why doesn't the press have ethics? Which is the least biased television network? I used to laugh at Fox, now I think they really are the most fair and balanced. MSNBC is a very odd (as in joke) network to watch, CNN isn't a whole lot better and the old networks (ABC, CBS and NBS) aren't hardly worth the time either, they all are bad and only care about ratings, yes I know that they are for profit and sensationalizing things is their way. Is there a difference between NBC and MSNBC? One of the cable networks had a guest on to rate a republican speech, the guest was a former Clinton speechwriter (fair and balanced probably not) then again Fox has Dick Morris on and he used to be a member of the Clinton cabinet but you sure can't tell now. I used to dislike Republicans as I thought they were too hypocritical and I tolerated Democrats but thought they were pandering, today, I still dislike both parties but I think the Republicans are less hypocritical and the Democrats pander even more. Enough on politics, ok, one more bitch, $700 billion turns into $800+ billion all because of the complete greed and incompetence in Washington and on Wall Street. Wall Street however is supposed to be greedy, the politicians in Washington I thought were supposed to be there to serve us and our country with honor and integrity.

Since I am basically not being politically correct, I may as well add a few more things that irritate me, my apologies in advance for a few of them, since I view them as MN unique. Please view these as my way of venting to avoid future road rage, so please if you see yourself in any of my whines, I probably am not talking about you but someone very similar to you.
  1. Why do people wait to use their turn signal until they are turning?
  2. Why do people wait to use their turn signal until after they are in the turn lane?
  3. Why don't people use their turn signals period?
  4. Why don't SUV drivers use their turn signals?
  5. Why don't MN drivers use the acceleration lanes to accelerate?
  6. Why do we need lights to control how we merge onto a highway (see #5 and 11)?
  7. Why don't MN drivers use the left lane for passing and the other lanes for cruising?
  8. Why don't slower drivers move to the right lane?
  9. Why do MN drivers slow down to look at a river?
  10. Why do MN drivers slow down to read signs (especially the new electronic ones)?
  11. Why do MN drivers slow down or speed up to prevent you from merging?
  12. Why do we still have stoplights on highways after spending millions of dollars to fix the highway?
  13. Why are our winters still cold and long if global warming has happened?
  14. Why can't I find the perfect running shoe?
  15. Why do I like to run distances that I don't run very well?
To end on positive note, Saturday I plan to run 13 miles in the River Bottoms and Sunday, I am planning 3 loops on the Surf the Murph course (thanks Kel for posting it) and then next week, I will work to get my workday runs in otherwise (in case it isn't obvious) I get too wound up over the little things..............................

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