Thursday, October 16, 2008

One more last chance........

Got another run in during the week and I plan to run tomorrow so that will make 3 runs during the week, for many not noteworthy, for me a minor victory.

I also have one more last chance to get in a 5 hour run before Surf the Murph. I need to get this run in for my mental confidence. My last few weekends of running longer just haven't worked out, so this weekend I will be out there for 5 hours even if I have to walk it. I need to believe in myself, motivate myself and just go get it done. If I don't then I think the Murph will be an unpleasant journey, heck, even if it goes well the Murph will be hard but I am looking forward to it. That's what I love about running, I went out last weekend thinking it was my last weekend to get in a long run, then I thought about it and decided no, this weekend is and my guess is that if this weekend turns into a disaster, I will convince myself that next weekend and that a 1 week taper will be enough. The bottom line, whether I like it or not, I am running to enjoy the experience not for time per se. It's the battle within that I look forward to. Speaking of that, I have decided that I will do my first 50 next year, I will need to decide which one but I need to do it as it's the challenge I want. Then the 100 will be next.

Tonight's run was on neighborhood bike trails (think asphalt), I tried to push it some and did run a bit faster than trails but not as fast as I hoped. My shoes felt worn out, I seemed sluggish at times, I seemed awkward in my style, I seemed inconsistent and although I pushed it at times, I settled into coast modes when cars blinded me or I zoned out. I did intentionally run by feel tonight (no watch or pace checks), I wanted to get a sense of could I maintain a tempo. I found out that I could but only when I was focused, something to remember as I continue onward.

I am pleased that I did get out and didn't procrastinate it like I often do, I need to remind myself to get out and run, I need to do my cross training, I need to do my core and now that I have committed mentally to the 50, I will have the motivation to train..........

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SteveQ said...

I've found that 50 miles is within most people's reach, but that 100 is a whole 'nother animal. Your 5 hour run is about 3 1/2 more than I've managed lately. Good luck at Surf the Murph (I plan to be there)!


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