Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall runs - darkness........

What an improvement, I ran tonight after work in Lebanon Hills and I felt good throughout. I am not sure what was wrong over the weekend but everything seemed back to normal.

I did have the good sense to take my headlamp as I didn't get started until about 5:45 and I wasn't sure how far I would go. I hoped to get in 5 to make sure the body and mind seemed together again and ended up going 7 as I felt good, what that meant is I got to turn on the headlamp and get a little more time running in the dark. I also confirmed that having a second light would be a good idea, my light helped me identify rocks but without a second light I missed the third dimension and was reacting more to the color changes. I did roll the ankles a couple of times but not bad just enough to slow me down over the last mile as I didn't want to have a serious misstep. Another thing about the light I was using is it gives a dispersed beam but not a focused one, a second focused light would be good. The headlamp is actually my daughter's, it's a Princeton Aurora (3 LED lamp) and from I can tell a relatively inexpensive one. The nice thing is I have run so much in Lebanon Hills that I almost know where every rock and root are, why do I think future races may not be so friendly (I still can't fathom running all night in the dark, a 1/2 hour is enough for know).

So discovering the headlamp does open up my trails for the fall and it will allow me to continue in the winter, now I just need to figure out a good lighting system and I will be set.................

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Andrew said...

I had a similar experience, a very labored run this past weekend and a fabulous one last night. I think I lost all my ability to run in the heat - thats all I can figure.


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