Thursday, October 23, 2008

Improving forecast and perspective adjustment............

Starting to look real good.

Saturday, Nov 1
High: 51 °F RealFeel®: 44 °F
Periods of rain

I was at the dentist the other day and got a nice dose of perspective and having read many recent blogs (Karen, Londell) they helped focus even more. I often have lamented about my speed and my abilities, specifically my lack there of, which I attribute to age, weight and the most important thing, training.

My dentist broke his hip downhill skiing which led to many operations and finally a hip replacement. He had only started running a few years earlier, we had talked about running marathons and then his running was done. I was talking to his wife about it and she asked me if he had asked about my running and I said yes, she said that not being able to run was still the hardest thing for him to face. So having given it a bit of thought, I love that I can run, maybe one day I will run better but today I appreciate the fact that I can run period.

So as I think about Surf the Murph, I say bring on the weather as I intend to enjoy every step and every minute that God allows me to take it all in...................


MN Ultra Runner said...

Nice perspective. Don't know if we've met, but I'll be volunteering at Murph. Hope to meet you!

Steve said...

Yup, Westy, we are both on the same page in our perspective on running. It must be something about running the Murph in all its autumn glory that really brings out an appreciation of trail running. Good luck at Surf the Murph!

Andrew said...

Was out for a run at Murphy today, followed the course as best I could. It should be a great run.

I have been struggling with running for a while now, as I am more accepting of the limitations they actually lesson - strange how that works. If I compare my issues with those of so many others it sounds more like whining.


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