Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Long range weather forecast for the Murph.......

Decided to take a look ahead at the weather for the Murph, should be interesting, the forecast is from accuweather.com for Savage, MN

Saturday, Nov 1
High: 35 °F RealFeel®: 18 °F
Windy and cold with snow much of the time


Londell said...

Well, you are making me happy I am sitting that race out... Not doing a whole lot as my job has me consumed... At least the weight is not to bad, up about 6 pounds, but that is an issue as I really needed to drop 40 in the first place. Will be at the awards and might see you there?

Kel said...

Heh. And I was just thinking that Murphy Hanhrehan would be a great place for snow shoeing this winter.

Matthew Patten said...


There is no such thing as inclimate weather, just improper clothing.

Snow is fun up to about 5 inches. Then it becomes a pain.

Bring some sheet metal screws and a drill just in case

RunWesty said...

I think if it holds it will provide a nice ending to this years running events. My year started with Chippewa and ending with Murph.

My plans will be the same as for Chippewa, bring shoes with screws, trail shoes, yak trax and enjoy.

Londell, Matt you still have time to sign up and join us :-)


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