Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weather for the Murph and a few minor problems....

Let's see on Tuesday they said 35 and snow, Thursday 51 and rain, now look at the forecast, a 25+ degree swing in less than five days. Weather forecasting accuracy in a microcosm :-)

Saturday, Nov 1
High: 60
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°F RealFeel®: 51 °F
Clouds limiting sun

One problem I may have is that I have been running the course backwards. I have been running my loops counterclockwise. I was reading on Andrew's blog (he has a good post on Murphy with pictures) that he thought we are heading out clockwise, does it matter, yes. I think (hope) clockwise will be easier, so today I am going to head over and run 1 loop clockwise. I will probably find out it is harder but I will be ready regardless of which way we head.

Good to know today as if I had gotten there Saturday morning and saw we were going the opposite way I would have had a minor freak out. If we do go this way, it will make running in the dark a little easier as the trail is wider, the only problem outside of rocks and ruts will be the bridge over the swampland. It's wide enough to not be an issue just a matter of getting on it and staying on it. This does mean we will be climbing the hill from 6 to 7 versus going down it, it is a fairly steep hill, I think I will like going up it more than going down.

This has been an easy week of running as work, life things along with the need to recover have been my agenda. I will only have 3 days of running this week and will plan on only probably 2 runs next week ahead of Murph. I am hoping this will be an ok taper not a step backwards. I would like to hit this race strong both physically and mentally, so time will tell.

On yesterday's run I tried Heed Mandarin Orange Sports Drink (free samples) instead of my normal Clif Shot Electrolyte Crisp Apple. I decided to try it as I am out of Clif Shot and thought the Heed might work ok which is my other problem for the Murph. The problem with the Clif Shot is that it is hard to find in town where as I see Heed in all of the running stores, I normally have been buying my Clif Shot from Amazon at $12/container (a sale price that comes and goes on Amazon - limit of 2) versus the normal $22. Sometimes the Runners Gate in Lakeville has it but you pay full price (no MDRA or MN-DRS discounts) and it's the sometimes part that is problematic. Suffice to say that I did not like the Heed, I am in a rut and will need to get some Clif Shot before Murph. It probably doesn't help that it was orange flavored as I still have memories of throwing up after eating an orange and drinking some orange flavored Gatorade after the Pineline Marathon years ago. I have avoided orange flavored drinks ever since and will continue to do so going forward. My plan is to use my Nathan at Murph and to have an extra bladder filled and ready to go so my hydration will be easy to manage. Now I just have to find my Clif Shot Electrolyte this week, I guess it gives me something to do as we are just 6 days out...............


Londell said...

I really found gookinade (REI has it) to be great. Cliff was second best... Les Martisko pointed me to gookinade. The have new packaging and I am not sure what the big lable is but it says gookinade on it.

RunWesty said...

I will have to give it a try, always good to have another choice.

BTW, I stand corrected the Runners Gate does give a MDRA discount and I picked up more of my Clif Shot Crisp Apple today.


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