Saturday, December 6, 2008

Next years states?

Since I'm sitting here thinking about winter again, I figured it's time to change my outlook and what better way than to ponder which states I will try to knock off in 2009.

The main limiters to picking off states are trying to figure out when soccer events, school events, other family events, work stuff and everything else that might pop up to cause misalignment along with the need for finances, time and training and then honoring the commitments already made. So for today, I am going to put it all aside except for things I know for sure about like my youngest daughter has a soccer tournament the 2nd weekend of May which turns out to be the same weekend that my eldest graduates from college so that weekend is out for sure. I also have to rule out the last week of April as that is Chippewa, the July 4th weekend as that is Afton and the first week of November for Surf the Murph. The other thing I want to do this year besides add states is to complete my first 50 miler so right now I am about 97% sure that the McNaughton Park trail 50 looks like I will just have to try to do it and if I do it then I have to do the Superior 50 in September.

So with all of those considerations, which states will I think about?

Looking Good -
Kansas - Run Toto Run 50k in February
Illinois - McNaughton 50 miler in April

Might Happen -
South Dakota - Deadwood in June?
Michigan - Grand Island Trail in July?
Nebraska - what event?

There's always a chance -
Indiana - Has to be Tecumseh Trail in December as the Gnaw Bone 50 is the 2nd week of May
Kentucky - Lovin the hills in February or Land between the lakes in March?
Arkansas or Oklahoma- Which events?

So I think if I could get 3 states for sure that would get me further but to get any more than that I would have to not do Superior unless everything (time and money) are perfect, so the final decision may not happen until I get through McNaughton and we see how the finances and dates work themselves out.

The other thing that I am giving thought to is which marathon or beyond will I do in each state like I know when it comes to Florida, I will be doing the Disney marathon along with the 1/2 marathon so that I can complete the Goofy Challenge. I don't like big events but I just have to do the Goofy, the question is which year? For Wyoming, I am thinking the Grand Teton 50, so as the Minnesota winter descends I will be distracting myself by planning next years events along with determining which marathon or beyond for which state so that I can plan for 2010 and beyond as well.

The real question I may need to come to grips with is do I want the 50 states more than a 50 miler and then a 100 miler. My current thinking is I know I can do the 50 states, I think I can do a 50 miler but I don't know if I can do a 100 miler. So guess what I am focusing on in 2009?

I think when I lock in my schedule here in the next few weeks it will be apparent where I want to be, so stay tuned..........................................


Matthew Patten said...

Here is the problem with ultra running.

If you are thinking about a 100, and not sure you can do it, you will never be satisfied until you at least try it.

After a certain point, there is no amount of preparation that will truly prepare you. Do a few 50 mile races as build ups, then go for it.

You will only get older next year.

But, it IS something you have to truly want for yourself.

crossn81 said...

Another Indiana option is The Huff a 30 miler in December. Lots of my friends have done it and love it. It is about as challenging as Tecumseh from what I've heard!

RunWesty said...

Matt - Your second line says it all, I am intrigued by the 100, when I did my 50k's I could see doing a 50 but a 100, hmm...very interesting.

Crossn81 - interesting race the Huff50k since my family and I may be in Carmel on the 29th, almost could work it in this year. Thanks for the heads up.


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