Sunday, December 7, 2008

Winter running isn't as bad as I thought..........

Ok, I have to admit it, once I got outside in the daylight I kind of enjoyed myself and I even had happy thoughts about winter running.

Yes it was cold, about 4 degrees when I started and when I got home it was about 10 but it wasn't windy (always gotta remember the good :-). I ran back in Lebanon Hills and with the snow on the ground, I actually thought to myself that there is an advantage to winter running, the rocks and roots are covered up, so I didn't trip once. I even thought about how I can run snow covered trails easily in the dark since the trippers are getting covered up.

For today's run, I debated wearing my snowshoes but figured I would be ok in shoes and I debated wearing my yak trax but I didn't think it would be icy and for the most part the trail shoes worked fine. The last few miles, I seemed to slip more often, that may have been just the fact that I was tired or it may have been the fresh snow that had fallen during the run. I did run in my gore tex running suit and that worked ok along with my gaiters the snow stayed on the outside. I like to wear the gore tex suit when the temp is around 0 as it blocks the wind but it doesn't seem to breathe as well as my other jacket and pants do so I do sweat a bit more in it. I did work up a nice sweat but I never really got chilled during the run so I think I was dressed about right.

Another totally random thought that popped into my head during the run was that I didn't have to worry about stepping on snakes. That had me almost laughing as I hate when I see snakes and I have to jump out of the way. I tried to take a couple of pictures (see them below) to capture the beauty of the falling snow but the cell phone camera didn't pick it up. Maybe next weekend I will take a camera and leave the cell phone in the car.

I do love how pretty it is back in the woods........................

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