Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Running plans update??????

Well, I am nearing my time to reach an initial decision for which races to do.

My problem is what event if any do I want to train for? I should clarify when I say train, I mean like to focus on an event usually with a time goal in mind or do I just do races and enjoy them with nothing but a finish in mind. This past year was all about getting back into a running program and clicking off a few states on my journey through 50 states with no time specific goals. Oddly enough I was disappointed with my times, maybe there is something to training for an event.

Steve L. had emailed me last week to let me know that he is doing the McNaughton 50 miler, we had talked at Surf the Murph about it. (Steve - my email came back, so I am kind of posting my reply here). I would really like to do McNaughton as it would be great to get in a 50 without time pressure, a finish there would make me happy. I have never gone 50 miles so I think I would use it to work out some fueling and mental demons. Like what will happen to my body after 35 miles? My plan would be real simple, go out slow and finish, no throwing up, no giving up.

I was pretty well starting to lock into a schedule when today my MDRA log book showed up. Now I am all confused as I did notice a few new events that look interesting.

A good start to the year could like this:
Jan 24 - Winter Carnival 1/2
Feb 14 - Run Toto Run 50k - Kansas - 1 more state
Mar ? - ?
April 11 - McNaughton 50 - Illinois - another state + my first 50
April 25 - Chippewa 50k - keeping the streak alive, 2 in a row

A Marathon May?
May 2 - Wisconsin Marathon - an inaugaral event
May 3 - Eau Claire Marathon - an inaugaral event, it would be on the way home :-)
May 24 - Stillwater Marathon - an inaugaral event
May 31 - Team Ortho Minneapolis Marathon - an inaugaral event

Why not go for 4 marathons in a month? Ok, I am pretty sure this might be a stretch but it is an interesting thought.

What about June?
June 6 - Deadwood Marathon - gotta do something in South Dakota
June ? - something else?

Close out the 2nd half
July 4 - Afton 50k - 2 in a row
July 21 - Turtle Trot Triathlon
July 31 - Grand Island Marathon - Michigan - another state, just a thought
August ? - ?
Sept 11 - Superior 50 - It sounds like fun
Oct 17 - Big Woods 1/2
Oct 24 - Wild Duluth 50k or 100k
Nov 7 - Surf the Murph - 2 in a row, another streak

Ok, I still have some gaps to work on and I will need to narrow down my list to something reasonable (you know something that balances family, work, training, health). I am sure when I look closer I will see a few more states that might be doable but then again I may also need to step back and say is it a good idea to go for the 50's and still try to get extra states? Maybe I do 50's this year, a 100 next year and put off pickin off states for a while.

Decisions, decision, gotta have something to do over Christmas break.................


Londell said...

Wow, aggressive... But great to see the ST 50 in that lists still...

Kel said...

I'm tired just looking at your list ;)

Wayne said...

"Superior 50 - It sounds like fun"
Not sure I've seen those two thoughts together before. :)

nwgdc said...

I think half the fun is simply coming up with the list! Wisconsin now has 16 or 17 marathons, and 9 of them are from the end of April to Memorial Day. It's nuts!

See you at Chippewa...and Grandma's!


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