Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 events review...........

Time to put the year behind me and get going onto next year. So as not to forget the events of this year along with my race report posts, this is my quick year in review.
My first 50k, ran in snow, and I am still thrilled that it was my first foray beyond marathon distance, who could ask for a more memorable and beautiful event. A very well organized first time event, looking forward to 2009. My report.
Not a great day for me but I liked the course and I got through the day. My report.
A wonderful small town event. My report.
My 2nd 50k and it was a delight mostly because I got through it without injury or sickness. My report.
Another fun year and the only tri event that I ever plan to do. My report.
Fun to provide support versus running for myself. My report.
A tough uphill climb of 14 miles, most of it in the last 3 miles and a nice single track downhill finish. Just needed more fuel and some training on the mountain. My report.
A hot day but I was happy with the effort just 6 days after Haulin Aspen. Another hot weather event with no sickness. My report.
What a great event to finish up the year, I wanted a PR day but I kind of re-injured my left foot so I just muddled my way through. My report.

So to sum up this year, it was fun. I struggled through a series of minor injuries (knees and foot) and continue to work my way through them. I set a PR in a 50k (ok it was my first and second) and I completed 3 for the year, I am still on track to set an all time high for mileage and I got through all of the events without throwing up once. Sweet, on to 2009................


MN Ultra Runner said...

Great year! See you at Chippewa where we will have hard packed dry trail...or deep snow. Either way we'll enjoy the Leines at the end.

nwgdc said...

Those are some races that should be on everyone's list, and you got them done just this year!

As for not throwing up on yourself, congrats. I can't boast the same, as I expelled some dayglo gatorade at Madison this past spring. Yeck.

SteveQ said...

Westy, I went from your blog to Nic's, which led to Viper's, which led to chasing a white rabbit into Wonderland. Guess I'm 4 degrees removed from total insanity.

See ya at the races in 2009!


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