Friday, December 26, 2008

Winter blues...........

I have decided that I am just not a winter guy, I have a major issue in getting out the door. I think it has something to do with fear of frostbite, slipping, freezing, darkness and the fact that I really don't like snow and cold weather. I know that committing to a race schedule will help with my winter issues, so I need to figure out 2009, ASAP.

I also reached the conclusion that the colder temps are my biggest problem, I don't like to cover my face. I like to spit when needed or do the infamous nose clear and if the face is covered it's a problem. So I know now that I prefer 20+ and above and don't like going sub 0. I will need to work on a solution to this as me thinks we have a few more sub 0's ahead. Of course, the darkness is also an issue, I know that's true as I have run the last three days and one of those days was fairly cold ~5, the other ones were almost balmy (15 and 35), it's always easier in the daylight and when you don't have to work there seems to be more time in the day :-). So I think I need to work in at least one run (preferably two) over lunch as I do plan to continue to work and that's the only time I will find daylight for running.

I know that for me this has been a tough December for running which is do in part to the weather. It hasn't been helped that work has been in a bit of turmoil. I am very thankful to have a good job, let's hope things continue to go well at work. The turmoil should be getting taken care of, except I will have more responsibilities so I will need to work on keeping things balanced (I think my wife might say I need to work on the balance without the upcoming changes) and I need to remember that running helps dissolve my stress. If I do miss out on the daylight runs I could always run on our treadmill but that is even more intimidating, it just takes too much concentration for me and usually between the cold and the treadmill, procrastination wins out.

So while on today's run, I was mulling over my training program and my race schedule. I concluded that I should get the first half of the year mapped out and committed. I know I will be doing Chippewa but I am still thinking about McNaughton versus Clinton Lake. Common sense would say do Clinton Lake, it is a month ahead of Chippewa and month after Run Toto Run. So it fits the training sequence quite well. I am intrigued by doing a 50 and I can think of no better one to do than McNaughton for my first one. But then again, I am thinking about balance, am I ready to commit to a 50, or do I just work on getting into better shape for the shorter distance events. I am also not sure about Run Toto Run, I am tired of running in snow, I would love to do it if the ground isn't covered in the white stuff but if the ground in KC is snow covered, I am not so sure and we have something going on the day after. So I may need to just punt on this one for awhile.

I do need to decide and commit to something otherwise I will just keep putting things off until Chippewa. So on that note, I think I will wait until New Years Day...................

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