Thursday, December 4, 2008

A December commitment ends........

Since I am not much in the mood today to get a workout in out it's time I have a reality check. Yesterday I did not work out and it added stress to today, and then today I had not yet worked out and I was stressing until I decided that I was just plain wrong and misguided. So, I am about to end a commitment that I made to myself that I can only define as a nice thought but actually it was a really stupid idea. I had wanted to convince myself to work harder and become more consistent in the frequency of my workouts so the goal was to workout every day. The intent was to get in better shape so I could get my speed back and my weight lower but if I follow through on my 7 day a week commitment, I might succeed at getting in better shape but at what cost? I fear the cost would be that all the joy I normally find in my running will be gone.

My motivation for this was logical, force myself to work harder through the month that I hate the most. Why do I hate December, I don't for most things but I do for my running, it's cold, it's dark it's the transition to winter which I hate (ok, hate may be too strong, I definitely don't like it). Each day in December is darker, each day seems colder, so between Thanksgiving and Christmas I always struggle to get my runs in. It's a very tough mental period, you add normal work stress (including the added stress in the commute because of driving through snow) and the holidays to the darkness and cold and running can pretty much lose out as a priority.

Yes it could be simply procrastination or maybe it's laziness or maybe I'm just copping out.

The bottom line is that in December we should celebrate our families, the birth of Christ and make sure that we take the time to reflect on the victories of the year. To add a stressful commitment on top of this just wasn't smart.

The good news is that once the winter solstice comes, I know each day will get lighter even though it continues to get colder. This helps me immensely and then usually I think about my runs for the new year and debate the winter carnival which helps me get out and work on my mileage in January. Then you add in the need to train for Chippewa and possibly McNaughton or other options and things will take care of themselves. I will get the training in that I need, no it won't be enough for me to be competitive in any category that exists but it will be enough to get me to the finish line.

So tomorrow I will run and if I don't I will still be ok..............


Matthew Patten said...

I hear you on this one, and your are not the only one.

Keeping up the intensity and growing stronger through the winter is very, very tough.

Personally, I just set a mileage goal and see what happens. The goal is relatively easy, but will pay off if I consistently hit it.

Good luck with it

Londell said...

I had those same type goals and felt bad when I missed them or pushed to hard I crashed. After Superior, I just decided not to do anything but what I really enjoyed, and that was not running. Now, after months, I am still committed to my not thinking about a race or running until Christmas... And I can not believe how much better I am already, mentally, about the thought of running. You have pushed it hard... Could be just enjoying the family and relaxing is best... We all need to repair as we age...

take care as i hope in the spring, we can hook up for solid training, if I decide to run after Christmas (but leaning that way now...)


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