Thursday, April 23, 2009

Chippewa forecast continues to change

Nothing much else to say but it looks like my kind of day.

Saturday, Apr 25
High: 48 °F RealFeel®: 41 °F
Much colder with rain

I have often said I like running in the rain, Saturday just might allow me to test the theory for a bit longer than normal. I am just happy the forecast isn't for snow. If it does rain, my only concern will be the footing and the fact that the day would be tough for my support team and the aid stations. My thanks to both in advance.


Get Primal said...

Westy, thanks for the Ipod tip. Don't have one of those silcone deals but I'll make something work. I haven't run in cold rain in so long I can't remember how to dress! Gloves?

Matthew Patten said...

It's not rain.

It's heavy due.

Londell said...

Recall a weatherman has the best job... He can be wrong often, he still gets paid and never seems to get fired... Look at the good side, anything would be better than last year?


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